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Policy and Research

Who we are

We produce empirically grounded and policy-oriented comparative research on global topics relating to security sector governance and reform (SSG/R). This cutting-edge research bridges the gap between policy and practice and is driven by the demand of our national and international partners.

 As a pioneer in the field of SSG/R, we have contributed significantly to developing the concept in international policy and discourse. It does so by creating, distilling and disseminating knowledge that facilitates the elaboration of norms, standards, and good practices as well as policies and guidelines. This is based on applied research, which produces solid evidence to inform expert discourse, policymaking and programming. In this pioneering role, PRDiv has become an incubator of new ideas and projects. 

Based on tailor-made research and its broad experience, we also spearhead important policy work with multilateral organisations to enhance the effectiveness and coherence of their support to national and international actors. Services provided to international partners range from delivering policy research and advice, to supporting policy and guidance development. 

Finally, we provide indirect support to national actors on the basis of our knowledge products, which have been translated into over 37 languages. 

PUBLICATION: The UN and Security Sector Reform

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